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Watering Cans (and can'ts)

posted 11 Apr 2010, 04:10 by James Smith
Summer is coming, and while we've had a very wet winter, if we get the long hot summer we're all hoping for, we'll be getting short on water before you know it. Apparently, West Sussex has the second-highest water demand in the country, at 170 litres per person per day! So, before the weather dries up for the summer, why not look at reducing that by a few litres? It's cheap and easy, and if you have a water meter, it'll cut your bills as well.
  • A standard toilet flush uses 10 litres, but doesn't need nearly so much. Install a flush saver (email for a free one) to cut it by a few litres, or go low-tech and use a couple of bricks.
  • Get a water butt, and use that instead of the mains to water your garden. There’s an offer at that could interest you, and DIY stores have plenty of options. You can even get pumps so you can still use the hosepipe in front of your envious neighbours during the inevitable hosepipe ban.
  • Throw everything you can in the dishwasher - it uses less water than doing it by hand (as long as it's full), and lets you laze on the sofa more.
  • Stop the tap while you brush your teeth, and stop the water in the shower unless you're rinsing off. Saves soap, too.
Finally, if you don't have a water meter, give your water company a call and they'll normally put one in for free. Many people save money straight away, and then you can save even more with the tips above.

For more tips, information and useful links, visit our water saving page.

(published in the May 2010 Rudgwick magazine)