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Watch your waste!

posted 31 Oct 2009, 16:30 by James Smith   [ updated 31 Oct 2009, 16:33 ]
Many thanks to all of you who came along to talk to us at the Rudgwick Apple Day and for sharing your bright ideas for ways we could all live more sustainably. One theme that came up several times was cutting down on food waste.

Throwing good food away is clearly a waste of resources and money ­ and it's happening on an enormous scale. Every year, as a nation, we throw away one third of the food we buy ­ the equivalent of £50 per household per month. In the UK alone, 5 million potatoes, 4.4 million apples and 1.6 million bananas go in the bin every day and from there mostly into landfill. Rotting food releases the greenhouse gas methane but it¹s also a total waste of the energy taken to grow, process, transport and store that amount of food.

Here are three ways you can reduce your own food waste:
  1. Make the fridge your friend ­ take a look in there regularly to check use-by dates 
  2. Shop wisely ­ make a list of what you¹ll eat in the week ahead and don¹t buy more than you really need 
  3. Portion control ­ don¹t cook more of things like rice and pasta than you can eat. For example, a mug of rice is enough for four people.
If you want to know lots more and get recipe ideas for leftovers go to, and to find out more about Sustainable Rudgwick go to or call James on 823063

(published in the November 2009 Rudgwick magazine)