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How to avoid a rubbish hangover

posted 26 Jul 2012, 22:27 by Heather Rogers

The Diamond Jubilee weekend showed that lots of us in Rudgwick enjoy a good party! What we almost certainly enjoy less is clearing up afterwards. But there are ways we can plan to avoid a rubbish hangover.

 Bottles, cans and soft drinks cartons are easily popped in our blue bins but what else can you do to keep your celebration waste close to zero? Here are a few top tips:

  •   Foil used to keep food warm can go in your blue bin – and if you wash most of the food residue off, foil food trays can go in too.
  • While it would be better if food manufacturers didn’t waste trees by putting cardboard sleeves on packs of barbecue food, remember to collect them up for recycling.
  • If you invest in a Green Johanna or similar sealed hot composting system, you can turn all of your party food waste – meat, cooked veg, burger buns and more - into garden compost. You can put paper napkins in a composter too.
  • Lump wood charcoal ash can go on your compost heap – it adds potassium and a dash of lime.
  •  Our blue bin scheme can only process certain kinds of plastic – as a basic rule, avoid anything that’s not bottle or milk carton shaped, and always take the lids off. Other plastic waste has to be shipped over the border! Head to the Cranleigh Co-op car park where you’ll find a collection bin for mixed plastics – though make sure everything has a recycling triangle on the base.
  • Waste plastic containers can be reused around the garden too – punch a few holes in the bottom of a coleslaw pot and you have a good alternative to a flowerpot for raising seeds.

 Have a happy, waste free summer!

 If you have any questions about Sustainable Rudgwick or would like to get involved, drop us a line at