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Green Energy

posted 11 Apr 2010, 10:09 by Heather Rogers

Thanks so much to those of you who came along to Secretts on 13 March to talk to the Energy Saving Trust and Sustainable Rudgwick about the opportunities to make your homes more energy efficient.  There will hopefully be some warmer houses in Rudgwick as a result.

But what if you’ve already insulated your loft and cavity walls, installed low energy light bulbs (they may not be your cup of tea but they do use up to 80% less electricity than a traditional bulb) and have temperature controls that keep each room in your house between 18-21 degrees C (the optimum for most people)? What next?

Well, you could start generating your own heat and electricity. By doing so, you could save yourself money and be more resilient to future increases in energy prices. You will also be doing your bit to help the UK get to its 2020 target of 15% of our energy coming from renewable sources. And we’re a long way off that right now.

But you might well ask ‘Isn’t it very expensive and, really, what’s in it for me?’ The reality is that, for most people, they need an incentive to do this and there are already quite a lot of incentives out there.

For example, install a solar water heating system or a ground source heat pump and you could get grant support of up to £2,500. Generate your own electricity using solar roof panels and, starting this April, you will qualify for the feed-in-tariffs programme, which essentially means that over time you will cover your initial outlay and earn a reasonable profit on top. Can’t afford the capital cost upfront? Soon we may all have the chance to take part in Pay as You Save schemes that will give people renewable energy installation loans (pilots covering 500 households are underway now).

If you’re interested, you can find out more at or get in touch with Sustainable Rudgwick via our website: or by calling James (823063) or Heather (822956)