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Minutes 28 Oct 2010

Minutes of meeting on 28 October 2010


Attending: Heather Rogers, James Smith, Helen Leech


Monitors project

Next actions on this project:

  • James will let us all know when he wants our meters back to take the data off them; he has a cunning plan for collecting/collating the data!
  • Hopefully we can get them out in time to get them back in for our next meeting on 25 November, ie about 3 weeks’ loan time.
  • James has drafted some simple notes that we can all use when we give out a meter, including some simple survey questions.
  • Heather will go through the list of names collected at Apple Day and draw up a list of candidates to get a meter (will put on Google docs). Will also contact Loyd to see how he’s getting on with the monitor at the Youth Club (and get the instruction booklet back from him).



Ideas arising from Apple Day

It had been useful to go through the questionnaire with a few people at the Apple Day and it prompted some thoughts on areas we can focus on going forward:

  • There was interest in a repeat visit to Viridor (or maybe promote a visit to the Friendly Club in Rudgwick as an alternative).
  • At Co-op car park in Cranleigh there is a recycling option for all plastic food containers etc – should let people know about that.
  • We should spread the word about Green Joannas as some people had not heard of them.
  • What can we do about sustainable transport? Promote car-pooling? Focus on low emission cars?
  • Plenty of interest in domestic renewable energy options
  • Questions about battery recycling – we should push the jars we have out there more
  • Recycling milk bottle tops – could we encourage the co-op to host a collection box? We could coordinate their delivery to local places where they’re collected like Rudgwick Primary and St Joseph’s.


Parish Council matters

Heather shared an update on the last PC meeting and discussion on the Windacres development. Rudgwick Biodiversity asked to be involved in the development as appropriate – we should ask for the same. Heather will also talk to Barbara Kenward about what could be done to introduce new recycling options in the village hall car park and ask what contact the PC has had from Southern Water re installing water meters.


Sustainable Rudgwick Newsletter

Heather will work on a new edition of the newsletter.


Parish newsletter

Theme for next issue: low impact Christmas. Heather will start putting some ideas together for others to add to. Deadline 15 Nov.


Xmas Green Drinks

We set a date of Thursday 2 December. Suggest we go to The Fox. Can publicise the date in the next parish mag and send direct invites in conjunction with the next newsletter


Next meeting

Thursday 25 November at 7.30