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5th October 2009

Attending: James, Carol, Heather

Key points/actions:

Apple Fair:
  • Heather to produce some posters on key topics like definition of 'sustainable', food miles, aircraft, etc. Maybe share key actions from 10:10 campaign
  • Try to engage people by asking them what their big idea is, what's important to Rudgwick?
  • Carol and Heather to meet at 9.00 to set up stall
  • James to send Heather the logo files
Bus timetables:
  • Heather to write an opening blurb for the insert
  • Carol to keep on the case of getting input from Arriva
Parish council:
  • who can go on 12 October? Possibly James/Carol (Heather on stand-by). Need to check agenda on parish notice board
Energy monitors
  • we will need to buy these (in budget)
  • James to build on his draft numbers and draw up first draft of a 'business plan' type document. To share with others for review. Incorporate stmt of purpose, budget proposal, proposed projects (payback)
  • Need to decide who will fill key posts - discuss at next meeting. Then need to formalise stmt of purpose into a constitution.
Next parish mag
  • Possible theme 'food' but decide after Apple Fair. Deadline 16 Oct
Horsham DC proposal
  • Need to find out more before we say yes. James to set up informal chat for those who can make it with HDC lady
Focus projects for next three months
  • recruitment (double our numbers, we all need to come up with ideas on how to do that)
  • schools (Heather contact lady who came to steam fair to get ideas - James to send Heather contact details. Then set up informal discussion to ask parish schools  'how can we help'?)
  • networking (Heather to have first shot at putting together list of organisations in Rudgwick and then we all choose who to engage)
  • buses (nail it! Get info into parish mag and generally raise awareness)