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29 July 2010

Minutes of meeting 29 July 2010

Present: Helen Leech, Heather Rogers, James Smith
  1. We had a general discussion around the way forward for Sustainable Rudgwick in year two. Key words: community building, climate change, managing resources, reducing waste, volunteering, ideology + practicality, fun, communication, future generations, engaging, relevant

  2. Need to drive forward on Youth Club project. Thoughts: provide YC with current cost meter, find ways to get the young people to express what they’d like to do, be ready to show plans at Apple Day. Action: Heather to re-energise this project (firm up a project plan) and re-engage the Youth Club team.

  3. Recycling/follow-up on Viridor visit: Objectives are to increase the rates of recycling in Rudgwick and educate people on what can be recycled. Actions:
    • Helen to write up visit for Rudgwick Magazine (deadline 16 Aug), including some key facts etc
    • Compile a recycling guide for insertion in Oct issue of Magazine – focus on the items that people typically don’t know how to recycle*. Call for ideas from ‘friends’ on—in terms of  ‘what’s foxing you when it comes to recycling?’ (Heather). Everyone can help to build this up by putting info on the Sust Rudgwick website at We should contact a Waste Prevention Adviser to see what they might already know/ share with us (Heather: I’ve sent off an email to start the conversation) Need to check whether local orgs like schools welcome items like mobile phones – Heather contact the schools 
    • Contact Oliver Ward to explore options for making the Apple Day more sustainable/encourage recycling. We can also have a recycling ‘event’ on our stand – put the right recyclable items in a blue bin and win a prize! James to contact Oliver for general discussion. Heather to open a space on the website where we can share ideas on what to do at the Apple Fair.

  4. How can we expand/publicise our meetings? Now we have a fixed venue we can expand on our meetings concept and invite guests from other groups in the village or from similar groups to our own from outside the village. We will have four opportunities to do this before the end of the year. Action: Heather to take the lead in sharing ideas on who to invite. Other actions to publicise the meetings:
    • Continue to publicise meetings on our own website (James)
    • Put the date of next meeting in Rudgwick newsletter each month (calendar plus our article)
    • Contact to get meetings listed and inform Parish Council (James)

  5. Bus shelters/timetables update: new bus shelters in Rudgwick will not be going ahead as funding has been withdrawn. We’ll hold off on progressing the bus timetables idea until impact of any transport cuts is known.

  6. Energy monitors: James has made a proposal drawing on earlier ideas and it was agreed that we should purchase 5 current cost meters to get the project underway (Action: James). Idea will be to initially loan these to high profile locations and to publicise the results/savings made to encourage others to pay greater attention to their energy usage/explore options for making savings. We can discuss options further once we have the meters

  7. Light bulb library: James is going to get more info on this before we make a decision of whether to go ahead and purchase a library

  • Heather will ask Barbara Kenward whether there are any plans for a parish survey anytime soon
  • James will refine our distribution lists – we will have a committee list and a friend list. Committee will be James, Helen, Di, Carol and Heather (Helen to check with Phil whether she would like to be on this list even though not a committee member).
  • Heather to start preparing ideas for a regular newsletter-type communication each month to keep our ‘friends’ connected.

In summary: our top priorities for the next few months are:
  • The Youth Club
  • Apple Fair on 10 October
  • Recycling guide
  • Energy monitors

* Recycling items: electrical, furniture, computers, printer cartridges, spectacles, mobile phones, mattresses, clothes/shoes, batteries, light bulbs, stamps