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28 April 2010

Minutes Wednesday 28th April 2010


James Smith; Heather Rogers; Helen Leech; Di Toms

Guest: Phil Holcombe


Meeting location/publishing dates in advance

  • Agreed that we will approach Church Gate House as a meeting venue (Heather)
  • Once we have a venue we can use websites, parish mag, notice boards etc to publicise meeting dates in advance


  • We will hold our AGM on Thursday 24 June:
    • Di to approach Sports and Social club to see if we can hold it there
    • Need to find a speaker – possible themes discussed included recycling or grow your own
    • Will need to issue invites to other village groups
    • Birthday theme: ‘We are one!’


  • James reported that we are close to gaining funding from Awards for All. Once secured, this will release the £500 pledged by the Parish Council


  • Need to extend invites to join us at MRF facility visit to other parish groups – PC, Church, Preservation Society, Biodiversity group etc (Heather)
  • Mag article on recycling in July issue
  • August: maybe mount mini display in village of what can be recycled + novelty event – blue bin wheelie race??
  • Set recycling challenge at holiday club?
  • Can we set a target for Rudgwick – James to see if he can get base data from HDC or PC
  • Can we get ideas on what has worked well elsewhere to encourage recycling? ALL

Energy game

  • Why don’t we do this on a weekend and make it a family event? Heather offered to host a BBQ. James to propose dates. 

Youth Club project

  • Heather and Di to move this forward in partnershio with Youth Club. Will need to look into funding options. Co-op maybe?


  • Look into film night options at Social Club (Di)
  • Heather to take battery jar into primary school
  • James to add link to Acting Together campaign info
  • Idea: draught busting day – learning while solving a problem

Next meeting: 27 May @ 1 Park Villas, Bucks Green, if not Church Gate House