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26th November 2009

Sustainable Rudgwick
Minutes Thursday 26th November 2009

James Smith; Heather Rogers; Carol Merriman; Christine Gimber; Alex Haynes; Helen Leech; Phil Leech
Apologies Received:
Di Toms

Matters Arising:
Feedback from meeting on 26th October with Gill Daniel from HDC. 

James to submit proposal to Parish Council that they adopt 10:10
Alex Haynes shared with us how the Parish Council tries to be more energy-efficient.
Warming Rudgwick:
Possibility we could have a stand outside Secretts (to be confirmed), we can trail in Parish Magazine, poster on PC noticeboard and our logo on letter that gets sent out to every resident.  We would be the first parish to do this in the Horsham area.
All agreed that we should go ahead with this - Helen Leech to own (James to assist)
Transport Panel:
Heather to write to Roger Nash, Chair of Transport Committee within Parish Council, advising that we would be pleased to supply someone to join the committee.
Heather has met with Pennthorpe (see report)
Carol to attend Greening Meeting at Rudgwick Primary on 7th December 2009
We will be attending the Public Meeting on 8th December regarding the Primary School plans for the new build.
Heather has made an application on Landshare website that "people in Rudgwick want land to grow food".
Heather to draft item for Arriva to verify in order for us to plan Parish Mag insert
We discussed the "green" ideas that will hopefully be included in the proposed new builds 

Phil would like more information about water meters available to public - in new Council premises at Windacres?
Alex suggested we look at how successful Surrey are at recycling (more than Horsham)

Date of next meeting:

To be confirmed