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24 February 2010

24th February 2010

Sustainable Rudgwick
Minutes Wednesday 24th February 2010

James Smith; Heather Rogers; Helen Leech; Phil Leech
Warming Rudgwick:  
All set for the event in Secretts on 13 March. David Rees of the Energy Advisory Trust will be there. Helen is coordinating posters and handouts. James and Helen undertook to get the posters in as many places as possible around the village. Heather and James to send out alerts to ‘friends’, get postings on e-notice boards etc. All members to spread the word as quickly as possible. HDC subsequently confirmed they are unable to support directly.
Budget Submission & other funding requests:
James has four funding requests in hand; some of them require referees, which James will secure.
Annual Parish Meeting 8th March 2010:
Sustainable Rudgwick will be one of the parish groups present at this meeting. James and Heather coordinating the input. Good opportunity to raise 10:10 campaign and explore what this means for Rudgwick.
Earth Hour 27th March 2010:
in view of short lead time and preference for currently focusing on local issues, it was thought better to postpone holding an event like this.
Battery Collections:
Helen brought along a sample glass jar which can be put in pubs and the social club to collect batteries and then take them for recycling. Will get one out there!
Garden Soc Spring Fair
Heather would like to explore interest in community growing schemes and where better to start than at the Spring Fair (20 March)? Heather will contact the event Secretary.
 The Age of Stupid
We watched the Age of Stupid and agreed that we should plan to hold public showings of films like this – together with talks, learning events like the energy game etc
Date of next meeting:

Thursday 25th March 2010. Likely theme: support for schools