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25 March 2010

Sustainable Rudgwick

Minutes Thursday 25th March 2010


James Smith; Heather Rogers; Helen Leech; Phil Leech


Warming Rudgwick

As a follow-up to the event on 13 March, James will add some info on energy efficiency on the Sustainable Rudgwick website.


Loxwood Fair

We have been invited to take a stand at the Loxwood Fair on 5 June – Heather will send a ‘yes’



§      We discussed ways in which we could foster recycling in Rudgwick and agreed that we would visit the Mechanical Recycling Facility at Ford to see where the blue bin waste goes. We can then share this info with others. Phil has now arranged this for Monday 26 July at 2pm. Approx 10 places available.

§      We should find out more about when the Acorn scheme will start and plan publicity to support it (James)

§      Jars in bars: Helen has jars for each of us to put into our local pubs to encourage people to recycle their batteries.

§      IDEA: how about a competition to come up with the most original use of the no-longer-needed green recycling boxes, post the intro of the Acorn Scheme?

§      IDEA: how can we encourage more effective recycling of computers by Rudgwick residents?

§      IDEA: when the blue bins arrive, what about the things we can’t put in them, like fluorescent light bulbs? We should check with the parish council what recycling facilities there will be in the future in Rudgwick – and maybe lobby for what is most needed.



Heather shared an update on a global initiative for 2010 that has been launched by the group behind the global 350 campaign (aiming for 350ppm CO2 in the atmosphere – the level that is considered ‘safe’). Here’s what it says on their website (

“ Working with our friends at the 10:10 campaign, we're going to make the tenth day of the tenth month of the millennium's tenth year a real starting point for concrete action. We're calling it the 10/10 Global Work Party, and in every corner of the world we hope communities will put up solar panels, insulate homes, erect windmills, plant trees, paint bikepaths, launch or harvest local gardens. We'll make sure the world sees this huge day of effort--and we'll use it to send a simple message to our leaders:  "We're working--what about you?”

This looks like a great opportunity for us to align with/support a global movement and give impetus to our local activities. By good fortune, Rudgwick Apple Day will be on 10 Oct 2010. Heather to contact Apple Day team and also start to draw up ideas for projects that we can aim to progress/complete by this date. For example, possible energy efficiency project with Youth Club.


Other discussion points

§      Ellens Green & Rudgwick Gardening Show is on 10 July – we should plan to be there

§      Let’s think about a film night in the coming months – maybe at Social Club?

§      Heat seekers (thermal imaging) have been used in Horsham to highlight where insulation is needed – can we get this done in Rudgwick?

§      Would be helpful to know from the PC when the bus shelters will be upgraded in Rudgwick so we can tie publicity about transport to that

§      Heather has opened a dialogue with The West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership. Would be good to explore opportunities for putting local businesses in touch with this group.


Next meeting

22 April at James’ house