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Saving electricity around the home is easy - just turn things off! We will be adding more information here over time, but in the meantime there are some ideas you can use to help you understand and reduce your energy usage:
  • Energy Monitors: These little devices give you a live display of how much power your home is using. Turn something on, the number goes up. Turn it off, the number goes down. Incredibly useful for learning how your home uses power. There are lots on the market with different features, which you can compare at Sustainable Rudgwick also have a few monitors that you can borrow. Sign up using our automated form
  • Standby Savers: These devices detect when things are on standby and turn them off, or turn off secondary devices based on a master device. So, you turn off your TV, and all the other little bits go off as well, automatically. See Nigel's Eco Store for a list of TV or Computer standby savers.
  • Lightbulbs: These aren't the biggest drain on your home's electricity supply, but they're a good place to start. Traditional bulbs are better at heating a room than lighting it - 90% of the energy goes in heat, not light. Modern CFL bulbs are perfectly good replacements. LED bulbs are now available that can even replace halogen spotlights. B&Q have a particularly good selection.
  • Switches: If all else fails, everything has a wall switch - if you're not using it, just turn it off. Mobile chargers, microwaves, etc.