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Apple Day 2009

We had a fantastic response from villagers at the Apple Day, thanks to everyone who came to see us and made us feel so welcome!

Bright Ideas

One of the things we did was ask for your bright ideas for things we could do. Here's the list we had at the end of the day:

  • Church food exchange scheme
  • ‘Growing’ partners, eg one grows peas, one grows cabbages, then swap. Could also mean putting someone who has land together with someone who wants to grow food
  • Walk more – to school, to work etc
  • Write a shopping list for the upcoming week – and stick to it! Don’t buy anything that will run out before the week is up
  • Use Freecycle to get rid of unwanted items
  • Share equipment between neighbours
  • Reduce packaging
  • More cycle friendly routes
  • More frequent bus services
  • Curtain off the stairs to stop the heat going upstairs
  • More recycling
  • Teach children at school how to grow their own fruit and veg – then eat it!
  • A Rudgwick bag to avoid plastic ones
  • Local suppliers directory
  • Identify a local timber source – particularly wood that’s good for burning
  • Turn off computers, TVs etc
  • Share recipes for leftovers
  • Allotments for Rudgwick
  • Share more info about composting
  • Encourage retail outlets to enable us to shop locally
  • Participate in Annual Parish Meeting
  • Allotment markets, food swaps
  • Walk your children to school
  • Don’t use cars so often
  • I will switch off my lights in my room
  • Recycling food, ie find an outlet for food that is still good but you can’t use it, eg when going on holiday
  • Have a street garage sale
  • Have a Rudgwick Freecycle board
  • Does the Co-Op need to be so well lit at night when closed?
  • Grow your own food
  • Street lights: do they need to stay on all night? Do they use energy efficient bulbs?
  • Lift sharing for work/school
  • Barter/swap schemes for goods/skills
  • Community shop for people to sell surplus fruit and veg, home produce, things they’ve made etc
As you can see, that's a great list of ideas, and we'll be using them to inform the projects that we work on over the next little while. Thanks to everyone who contributed!